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Our technology uses our proprietary microfluidics, sensors and software algorithms, enabling us to characterize any particle suspended in a solution, regardless of its size and sample matrix. This has a number of uses in the drinks manufacturing process from analysing flavours and filters, through to replacing traditional microbiological tests. This will help brands deliver quality and consistency to their consumers. 

Figura operates a two-stage process where all the samples go through Stage1 and some may require Stage 2.

Stage 1 screens the liquid sample and identifies and quantifies the particulates within 30 minutes.

Stage 1

Extract QC sample

Screen particulates in liquid
Instant counting and automated analysis


Alerts that are raised in stage 1, results in stage 2 taking place where the potential contamination alert is quantified and recognised using assay kits and providing results in under an hour.

If stage 1 raises no alerts, the product is set for approval.

If after Stage 2 no further alert is raised, the product is set for approval.

Stage 2

Mix reagents

Automated analysis

  • Characterise (all particles)
  • Recognise (contaminants)
  • Quantify (trace analysis)

Customer benefits

  • Accurate results within one hour for microbiological tests
  • A cost-effective testing process
  • Greater analytics for the manufacturing process
  • Identify things you can’t test for currently, such as conductivity, flavour bleed and microplastics
  • Safe guarded brand reputation